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Inflation Compendium (Act 1: The Setup)

A spectre is haunting the world — the spectre of inflation. All the powers of the old World have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Politicians and Central Bankers, Economists and Political pundits, Households and Firms.

ZERO to ONE by Peter Thiel (Book Review)

In his book, Peter has talked about three counterintuitive ways of thinking and making a big company or a better future, that are:
1. Bet your company on contrarian skills
2. Start by dominating small markets
3. Strive to be a monopoly

Universal Basic Income (UBI)

As the devastating wave of Covid-19 pandemic hit India, the country went into abruptly imposed lockdowns, the Indian economy suffered a severe demand shock and the GDP contracted. Amidst all the chaos, several economists tirelessly suggested putting money in the hands of people, unconditionally. The pandemic sparked the longstanding discussion on the plausibility of Universal Basic Income, globally. A Universal Basic Income is an unconditional fixed cash transfer payment provided to every citizen or resident regularly, by the government or any other institution in the public sphere.

Right to Education: Right Approach?

We all know that the ‘Right to Education Act’ has an input based approach to education where higher emphasis is on the resources implied or the inputs put in rather than the output or outcome achievement.

Myths about Startups

You don’t must have a totally new, imaginative plan to prevail as a start-up. Facebook wasn’t the principal web-based media website and Google wasn’t the main web index. It isn’t tied in with being the main startup with the thought, it’s tied in with improving and offering more benefit.


The year 2020 could have been a difficult year for startups throughout India, however it changed into the year of being on the proper location on the proper time for India’s edtech agencies. With the coronavirus pandemic and the following lockdown that noticed colleges and faculties near their doors, on line studying emerged as the following massive component to observe out for. India’s largest edtech startups – BYJU’S, Unacademy, Upgrad, Vedantu, and the likes noticed their numbers develop at a speedy tempo.


After a major run in 2018 and 2019, gold prices are weak in the second half of the CY2020. Gold prices have fallen 6.4 percent in the past six months. Experts still say that gold should be an integral part of your portfolio. Here are some reasons why you should not ignore gold.

DOGECOIN: The Inception of a Meme Economy

Since the beginning of this year, we have seen some unusual, or even absurd things happening in the finance world. Dogecoin has been the highlight, making it to the top of what’s buzzing at least once every month. This article tries to cover all of what’s doge, from the very history to analysing the reasons for its sudden appearance to the surface.

Insider Trading: Rajat Gupta Case

Insider trading refers to the trading of a public company’s stock or securities (such as bonds) by the employees or the members of the organization at different levels withholding price-sensitive information which has not been made public yet. In this, we talk about the Rajat Gupta case. In 2010, Raj Rajaratnam, a Sri Lankan hedge fund manager was accused of insider trading when Mr. Gupta had tipped him off regarding investment in Goldman Sachs.

Business Cycle

Modern industrial economies experience significant swings in economic activity. In some years, most industries are booming and unemployment is low; in other years, most industries are operating well below capacity and unemployment is high. Periods of economic prosperity are typically called expansions or booms; periods of economic decline are called recessions or depressions. The combination of expansions and recessions, the ebb and flow of economic activity, is called the business cycle.

Sustainable Environment Models for Development

It hasn’t come to a full circle yet….we haven’t reached safe shores yet! But, where our ship has sailed until now is a place, or is a period which may define the future generations of mankind. Negative has become the new positive, doctors have become the new avengers and the masks too are no less than a sixth sense organ! So all of this implies that from now on, change is the only constant and we need to evolve our lifestyles and methodologies to form a sustainable and enjoyable world!

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