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Continuing the Global Association of Economics Education’s mission of reforming and promoting economic literacy across ten countries, GAEE India was established in 2020 to serve the ongoing demand for quality economics education and discourse among aspiring economists in India.

Our Vision.

Through the medium of our sessions and discussions, we aim to create an inclusive space for college students to come forth and bridge the gap between economics education and its application. The organization strives to engage students in high-quality workshops and events with the goal of educating its members about the fundamentals of economic theory in practice, personal finance and entrepreneurial skills. We envision opening the gates to this learning group for students throughout India from all backgrounds and majors to further bust the belief that these fields are accessible only to a certain pool of people.

Our History.

With a drive for growth and a common aim of democratizing economics education, GAEE India (formerly GAEE North India) was founded as the first Indian chapter of GAEE International in August 2020. Over the course of one year, GAEE India has successfully established and monitored 5 chapters in 5 prominent Indian college campuses, namely, Delhi Technological University, Hansraj College, Jesus and Mary College, Jamia Millia Islamia and Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Within the course of an year, GAEE India has conducted numerous training workshops, sessions, quizzes and enriching discussions pertaining to economics, finance, entrepreneurship, consulting and policy issues. We look forward to the continuous growth of GAEE India in the years to come.

GAEE India is a part of the #GAEEforAsia program officially recognized as the SDG Action No. 36897 listed in the United Nations DESA agenda.

Organizations GAEE International has worked with and received support from

Institutions in which GAEE India has a presence

Delhi Technological University

Hansraj College

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Kakinada

Jamia Milia Islamia

Lady Shri Ram College for Women

Sri Venkateswara College

Indraprastha College for Women

Daulat Ram College

St. Stephen’s College

The student group GAEE came to the spotlight earlier this year with the launch of the #GAEEforAsia campaign despite the advent of the coronavirus pandemic in the region. 

Student NGO hosts essay contest on North Korean economy

Big News Network

The team [at GAEE] has worked to transform the conventional curriculum into redacted, engaging, and interactive learning activities that appeal to everyone—not just those looking for economic priesthood.

Meet the 17-year-old ‘Democratizer’ of Economics Education

Yahoo! Finance

Founded in 2017, GAEE is a US-based multi-chapter student-led organisation with the aim of promoting economics education, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship incubation for students in over ten countries.

Fellow-led nonprofit launches economics education campaign in Asia amidst the pandemic

Royal Society of Arts

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GAEE India is a student-led unincorporated association based in the Republic of India and autonomously affiliated as a regional chapter of the Global Association of Economics Education (GAEE), a 501c3 public charity registered in Massachusetts, United States. GAEE is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization recognized as a member of the World Economics Association, and in partnership with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs through #SDGAction36897.

We are committed to the promotion of economics education, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship incubation for students in developing countries and marginalized communities.

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Mahatma Hans Raj Marg, Hansraj College, Malka Ganj, Delhi, 110007.

+91 81780 92034

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