Author’s name: Sahni Ish

Author’s affiliation: USME, Delhi Technological University

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Myth #1: It’s about the thought (particularly a glossy, new one) 

Reality: You don’t must have a totally new, imaginative plan to prevail as a start-up. Facebook wasn’t the principal web-based media website and Google wasn’t the main web index. It isn’t tied in with being the main startup with the thought, it’s tied in with improving and offering more benefit. 

Furthermore, while a great deal of accentuation is frequently put on the thought behind the startup, the thought is just a little piece of it. Actually new companies additionally need to go past the plan to assess issue/arrangement fit, discover item/market fit, accumulate criticism, thus numerous different things before a thought truly takes off. 

Myth #2: On the off chance that you assemble it, they will come 

You love your item thought and are persuaded it’s so acceptable you simply need to assemble it and clients will rush to your startup. 

Reality: It isn’t simply a question of building the item. Past building the item, new businesses need to invest energy on advertising, deals, client service, and building associations with clients/clients to be effective. 

One greater rude awakening on the “on the off chance that you assemble it they will come” startup Myth: ensure you don’t fall under the confusion that more highlights rises to a superior item. That isn’t correct. Particularly when first beginning, you need to ensure your startup is sure about the motivation behind your item and you stick to highlights that are mission basic to accomplish that reason. Do a couple of things truly well instead of numerous things ineffectively. 

Myth #3: You need a nitty gritty field-tested strategy 

Reality: While the facts confirm that you do require a strategy, don’t fixate on it. 

“Such a large number of business visionaries go through months bolted away, making the “awesome” marketable strategy with situation arranging and nitty gritty monetary projections. Nowadays, markets change so rapidly that you never truly know how clients will respond to your item or administration, or what new advances will arise that may fundamentally change the business climate,” says Indiegogo organizer Slava Rubin. 

Startup authors who fixate on an itemized strategy preceding dispatch may likewise be incapacitated by a craving to make the item “great” prior to delivering it. 

Myth #4: You should collect a lot of cash in advance 

Another form of this startup Myth is that “you need VC cash” all together for your startup to succeed. We’ll address both of these, beneath. 

Reality: There are bootstrapped new businesses that prevail without a lot of beginning phase financing — Chargify is one of them! A huge number of others, for example, GitHub, 37Signals, and Mission Screen are likewise on that rundown. 

Of course, you can not beginning a business with no cash, however getting funding or a huge load of cash in advance may not be the arrangement. Get a credit, ask family/companions, discover an accomplice willing to contribute, or search for some seed cash to make headway. 

To fund-raise, particularly VC cash, you’ll actually have to build up a MVP, get paying clients, demonstrate issue/arrangement, and likely item/market fit before somebody will surrender significant money. When you get to this point, truly consider in the event that you need to welcome on financial backers or in the event that you want to bootstrap your approach to progress. 

We’re not against fund-raising (you can find out about Imprint Cuban putting resources into Chargify on our blog, “Twitter, Bikes, and Cash From Imprint Cuban”), we simply need to ensure you know about contemplations that may not be promptly obvious to your startup. 

Myth #5: Organizers will work for themselves and do whatever them might feeling like doing! 

Reality: There is a not insignificant rundown of individuals organizers need to tune in, and regularly answer, to. The greatest being your clients since paying clients are required for your startup to succeed. In the good ‘ol days, authors wear numerous caps including Chief, item administrator, deals, promoting, client assistance, and the rundown goes on. On the off chance that you want to just do what intrigues you, you ought to rethink your choice to begin a startup. 

Myth #6: You simply need to land that one, colossal client 

Reality: First, it isn’t regular a startup has the chance to land a potential goliath client when beginning. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you do, a solitary client (paying little heed to the size) ought to never rule or decide the heading of your item. What’s more, the time and assets that an organization commits to making their item fit the enormous likely client’s necessities/needs winds up detracting from your current clients and item vision. 

Myth #7: All first recruits ought to be designers 

Reality: Recall the busted Myth “on the off chance that you construct it, they will come.” Basically building up your item isn’t sufficient for startup achievement. You’ll have to employ configuration, showcasing, deals, backing, and individuals who will make your general business fruitful. 

Organizer’s should begin by taking a gander at their own qualities first and afterward recruit to fill the holes; those recruits could conceivably be designers. 

Myth #8: Closest companions = best prime supporters 

Reality: Have you seen “The Informal community” film? Alright, at that point you know how well the “companions as prime supporters” worked out. In the event that you haven’t seen the film, is anything but a significant spoiler to share that it didn’t turn out great for all companions who initially established Facebook together. 

The vast majority of us act contrastingly in our own and business lives. That is definitely not something awful — relying upon how open you are with companions, your associates likely appreciate that you are more expert at work. While deciding whether a companion would make a decent fellow benefactor, you need to evaluate their business character. 

Our President Spear Walley has expounded genuinely on his involvement in companions as prime supporters at a past organization (around 20 years back). In the start of the organization, they viewed themselves as closest companions and couldn’t envision running the organization some other way. The startup developed and progressed admirably, however enroute their perspectives on the best way to maintain the business changed. Sadly, a couple of years in, their kinship was toast, they had “lawyered up,” and it got terrible. You can peruse the full story in Spear’s blog, 

Spear didn’t stay away from truly having companions as fellow benefactors once more. At the point when he and a companion established Motor Yard quite a long while later, they prevailing by talking about various business results ahead of time. 

Myth #9: You can simply value yourselves lower than the opposition and win 

Reality: It ought to be clear at this point that you can’t “just” do any one thing for the success — regardless of whether it is simply having an extraordinary thought, simply fabricating the item, simply recruiting all designers from the start, and so on. Prime supporter and President Steli Efti composed a fabulous visitor post for us as of late, in which he shared that perhaps the most widely recognized slip-ups he sees new businesses make is utilizing modest valuing as their upper hand. Here are a portion of the issues with that: 

  • The less clients pay, the less put they are in your item and staying. For the most part, the lower the value, the higher the beat. 

  • Price wars. What happens when a contender begins selling for less? In the event that your upper hand is a modest value, at that point you’re compelled to additional lower the business cost until you can’t stand to be good to go. 

Myth #10: initially, culture doesn’t make any difference 

Reality: Culture is consistently indispensable to startup achievement, even initially. We may even contend “particularly at the outset.” Organization culture and guiding principle (some portion of culture) are two things we’re glad for here at Chargify. Both assistance recognize what your organization depend on and what you’re running after. 

Work/life balance is a center inhabitant of Chargify’s way of life, and it is significant for any startup to address from the earliest starting point of the organization. We didn’t place it in a different segment, yet another normal startup Myth is that everybody needs to work 60+ hours every week all together for the organization to prevail in its initial days. Depleted colleagues are despondent, ineffective, and bound to burnout and leave. 

At the point when you unmistakably articulate organization culture from day 1, you not just evade different fantasies, for example, the endless work week, it additionally spurs colleagues and encourages you procure top ability who need to be essential for what your organization rely on. 

Myth #11: Your startup needs a decent office (with ping pong tables, and brew, and… ) 

Reality: Sure, the startup office you had always wanted is in an extraordinary area with ping pong tables, computer games, lager on tap, cooked suppers, and that’s just the beginning. In any case, actually going through cash from the beginning for workplaces and office advantages is a poorly conceived notion. On the off chance that your group is colocated, go through your cash admirably. At the point when you have a decent organization culture your colleagues won’t be as worried about the workplace climate. Zero in on the workplace rudiments and afterward extend when it is more attainable to do as such. 

Different new companies are jettisoning the workplace out and out and moving to a dispersed model. A far off group might be something to take a gander at for your own startup, and you could jettison the overhead expenses of a group office. 

Myth #12: You will be rich 

Reality: You may, yes. Also, in the event that you do, that will be marvelous. In any case, here’s how things are: if your inspiration is cash as opposed to taking care of an issue, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Zero in on a superior manner to take care of a market’s issues. Be enthusiastic. On the off chance that you do this well, the cash is basically a side-effect of your prosperity. 


Startup achievement all in all is a long way from a Myth. Yet, to make startup progress, it is significant that you comprehend the contrast between startup fantasies and startup reality. 

Presently we need to get with you! What startup Myths would you add to our rundown? Did you trust one of these fantasies, just to find the inverse to be valid with your own startup experience? Tell us in the remarks beneath.