Our History

The Global Association of Economics Education (GAEE International) was founded in 2017 by Le Dong Hai “DoHa” Nguyen FRSA to promote economics education and financial literacy among students in developing countries and marginalized communities. Recognized as a 501c3 public charity by the United States Department of the Treasury, an NGO and SDG Action Program by the United Nations, and a student member of the World Economics Association, GAEE has grown to become a leading force in the global movement for economics education reform and democratization. Learn more about GAEE International here.

With a drive for growth and a common aim of democratizing economics education, GAEE India (formerly GAEE North India) was founded in August 2020 as the first Indian chapter of GAEE International. 

GAEE India has collaborated with various imminent organisations and personalities to conduct numerous training workshops, sessions, quizzes and enriching discussions pertaining to economics, finance, entrepreneurship, consulting and policy issues. We look forward to the continuous growth of GAEE India in the years to come. 

Our Vision

Through the medium of our sessions and discussions, we aim to create an inclusive space for college students to come forth and bridge the gap between economics education and its application. The organization strives to engage students in high-quality workshops and events with the goal of educating its members about the fundamentals of economic theory in practice, personal finance and entrepreneurial skills. We envision opening the gates to this learning group for students throughout India from all backgrounds and majors to further bust the belief that these fields are accessible only to a certain pool of people.

Our Core Team

Khushi Dixit

Chairperson, GAEE India

Khushi is a second year Economics Honors student from Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. An innovative and diligent person to work with, she is a natural leader who never runs out of ideas. A certificate holder in Public Policy Analysis from London School of Economics and Political Science, she is an epitome of entrepreneurial mindset in an economist’s body. 

Isha Jangra

Vice Chairperson, GAEE India

Isha (preferred pronouns: she/her) is pursuing a bachelor’s degree majoring in Economics and Mathematics from Lady Shri Ram College of Delhi University. She is a trained MUNer and debater. On a personal front, she defines herself as “an astrophile entangled in self-built doubts”.

Kanisha Nanda

Secretary, GAEE India

Kanisha Nanda is currently in her first year of B. com (hons) at Jamia Millia Islamia. A self motivated and a reliable individual with strong interpersonal skills, she’s someone who is always open to healthy conversations. She loves writing poetry, travelling and can spend a lifetime discussing about good books and music! Deeply passionate about finance and entrepreneurship, Kanisha is a team player and an avid learner.

Our Executive Team

Khushi Bhansali

Director of Research

Imagine a future where research isn’t just dry statistics and endless data. Khushi Bhansali is committed to making research more accessible and engaging for all by merging the academia with power of narrative. As an Economics honours student at Hansraj College, University of Delhi, she is an ardent researcher with a keen interest in technology, financial markets, and geopolitics. 

Gaurav Jain

Director of Chapter Information Systems

Gaurav is a second-year student pursuing Economics Honours at Hansraj College, University of Delhi. He is a highly curious individual with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a keen interest in understanding the complexities of the world around him. He’s intellectual curiosity extends to a wide range of topics related to finance and economics, and he is always eager to learn more about them. His ultimate goal is to undertake impactful initiatives that benefit society, and he believes that working with GAEE India will enable him to achieve this objective.


Rishita Jain

Director of Corporate Relations

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘The expert in anything was once a beginner’? Meet Rishita Jain, a double major in arts specializing in Economics and HRM, who embodies this statement. She is an ambitious and warm hearted individual who is always willing to lend a helping hand. She has a keen eye for leadership and has a passion for creating mutually beneficial partnerships that drive growth and innovation. 

Mokshagna Teja

Director of Student Relations

An aficionado of literature, music, and art, Mokshagna is pursuing Economics (H) at Lady Shri Ram College for Women. She is a driven individual with a keen interest in research. A self-confessed bibliophile, you are most likely to find her deep in thought or debating about the next big issue. She aims to further the vision of GAEE: democratize access to economic education and make a change. 

Our Research Team

Alima Mahdi

Finance Associate

Kanak Nath

Entrepreneurship Associate

Khushi Tangri

Economics Associate

Nivedita S

Economics Associate

Rahul Dey

Finance Associate

Mahima Agrawal

Entrepreneurship Associate

Mohit Goyal

Economics Associate

Our Information Systems Team

Rythm Damaria

Information Systems Associate

Syeda Bushra

Information Systems Associate

Jahanavi Sharma

Information Systems Associate

Tanveer Mangat

Information Systems Associate

GAEE India is a student-led unincorporated association based in the Republic of India and autonomously affiliated as a regional chapter of the Global Association of Economics Education (GAEE), a 501c3 public charity registered in Massachusetts, United States. GAEE is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization recognized as a member of the World Economics Association, and in partnership with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs through #SDGAction36897.

We are committed to the promotion of economics education, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship incubation for students in developing countries and marginalized communities.

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Mahatma Hans Raj Marg, Hansraj College, Malka Ganj, Delhi, 110007.

+91 81780 92034

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